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Why we chose The Ocean Foundation

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Reverse Surf Donates 10% of their Profits to The Ocean Foundation.
The Ocean Foundation plays an important role in our hearts. With our love for the seas, the marine animals and the sun, how could we not support Our Oceans by donating profits to help keep them alive. The Ocean Foundations Mission is to support, strengthen, and promote those organisations dedicated to reversing the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world. This purpose reflected the purpose of our own, it was definitely a no-brainer to choose this organisation. 

The Ocean Foundation advances innovative, customised philanthropic solutions for individual, corporate and government donors, they simplify giving so donors can focus on their chosen passion for the coasts and ocean. They focus their collective expertise to generate cutting edge content on emerging threats, potential solutions, and better strategies for implementation. The Reverse Surf value that The Ocean Foundation finds, evaluates, and supports the most effective marine conservation projects and organisations.

Their vision is to be the organization that: 

  • Steers human interaction with the coasts and ocean toward a sustainable future by building a strong, vibrant and well-connected community of donors, grantees and projects that effectively responds to urgent issues and seizes on key opportunities for global marine conservation.
  • Provides leadership to the ocean conservation community - working together, developing a better understanding of potential solutions to the threats facing the marine environment, along with stronger capacity and effectiveness to implement those solutions on the ground and in the water, and
  • Promotes the use of diverse tools to protect and restore ocean habitats worldwide.

With the passion and peace we have for our oceans, choosing The Ocean Foundation was an obvious action. 


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