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Polar Seas Beanie




We call this the Polar Seas Beanie because of its warm fleecy inner lining that feels the same as cuddling a REAL Polar Bear. The Polar Seas Beanie is a very special head piece indeed. It aids in the Polar Seas Initiative, by providing grants to projects that focus on actively addressing our carbon emissions, better regulating our fishing and shipping industries, and making wise decisions about how we produce and consume the energy on which our civilisation depends. Please thoroughly enjoy purchasing your Polar Seas Beanie as not only will it keep you warm, but it also helps keep our Polar bears safe. 

Read below for more about the initiative...
Our polar seas in the Antarctic and Arctic are full of life, but climate change is taking a toll on these polar regions. Much of this warming can be attributed to our use of fossil fuels. Fisheries are crashing, animals are drowning, and the livelihoods of those that live in these regions are disappearing with the ice. Arctic sea ice helps moderate our climate, and without it, the oceans warm up considerably faster. This initiative focuses on regulating fishing, carbon emissions, and the energy we produce and consume, so that our poles can continue to teem with life.

Purchase your Polar Seas Beanie today and support our Polar Bears and their beautiful homes.


**Please note all colours of beanie include the fleecy insert.

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