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Wholesale opportunities are now available for Reverse Surf Apparel. Please note there are requirements and details entailing this offer. 

To become a Wholesaler for Reverse Surf Apparel, we will require your commitment and ability to help to empower individuals and help Save Our Oceans. We know that you are a great fit for us. Please note, there is a minimum order of quantity that you must hereby to complete your first order. 

Submit your expression of interest by completing the following online application. Below.



Ashleigh Paterson is the creative mind behind the Reverse Surf Apparel brand. As an empowered and passionate ocean lover, Ashleigh brings a depth of meaning and purpose to clothing and accessories, that is paralleled by few. Supported by a team of ambassadors, designers, Reverse Surf Army groms, Ashleigh travels the world to seek, ethical clothing to help support, and knowledge to help better her understanding in Saving Our Oceans. 



Reverse Surf brings a empowering, fresh and dynamic new brand to the world of clothing. With its ‘Live Limitless and Empower Others’ by-line the brand provides consumers with a superior value proposition through stories and products aimed to individuals of all ages. By delivering a vision to provide passion, hope, teamwork, power and curiousity, to all who listen, the brand has created a concept that can be both adored and understood internationally.



Reverse Surf Apparel is an empowering clothing brand taking the lead in on Saving Our Oceans and the friends that live within it. We Donate 10% of Profits to The Ocean Foundation, with every purchase which provides help to one of the nine initiatives, which each customer is able to choose. We believe in giving back, and for us the Ocean is where we focus. 

The brand offers:

  - A speed to market that captures everything fashion desires to be; a constant element of ‘newness’ and evolvement via our social media's.

  - An affordability that reflects the world today and the demands of the modern consumer.

  - A purpose with depth to Save Our Oceans, in-partner with The Ocean Foundation. We give back by Donating 10% of Profits to the nine initiatives. 



 Founded in Melbourne, Early 2017, Reverse Surf Apparel was born out of the vast experience of our founder who was looking for two things;  purpose in the way we empower passionate thinking and the way we create affordable, on-trend, products which 'give back' to our love of Our Oceans. The brand has become synonymous as the go to destination for clothing and passion, with over 3,400 organic Instagram followers, our online store creates a place of peace and balance. With Reverse Surf already featuring in multiple stores, we are seeking the opportunity to continue to grow our brand into skies. Based in Melbourne's Eastern suburbs, the company possesses a drive and commitment, unlike any other.


It is our intention to continue to build the Reverse Surf Apparel internationally by providing a wholesale program to those who share our passions. We are offering exclusive deals, affiliate programs and products, that are more than just materials, with confidence, we know that you won't find this anywhere else. Don’t miss out on this exciting, powerful market leading opportunity !


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